You Fill. We Dump. -

Project Boxes are perfect for junk removal, spring cleaning, DIY projects, trash, yard debris, renovation rubble, etc.  We deliver the Project Box to your door. After you fill it up, we haul it away all for one low price.

Driveway Friendly -

At Project Box, our main advantage is that our dump trailers have wheels. Dumpsters need large spaces and can damage your property during offload.  Our driveway friendly trailers will not gouge your concrete or asphalt.

HOA Approved -

Our dump trailers are well maintained and approved by most HOAs. We keep our Project Boxes clean so you will not have unsightly or smelly containers on your property.

Flexible Utility -

Our Project Box dump trailers are extremely easy to position anywhere on your property, driveway, yard, etc.  Rolloff dumpsters are limited on where they can be placed.  We can station our Project boxes in tight spaces, on hillsides, steep embankments, and hard-to-reach spots.